What to Text a Girl You Just Met

What to Text a Girl You Just MetKnowing when and what to text a girl you just met seems to be yet another one of those things that so many guys struggle with during the initial stages of the dating game. There’s this popular rule out there which says you should wait two to three days before you text or call a girl. I say you should completely ignore that tired rule and set yourself apart from the masses.

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You ought to text or call her the same day or night. The fact of the matter is that a girl might forget who you are and then you run into those awkward text messages like, “who is this?”

I typically text a girl the same day when I get her number with something humorous or playful like this: “This is a VIP number, store with care – Sebastian.” Your texts shouldn’t be coming from a needy place. If you text a girl right after you just met her with something like, “How are you?” or “It was nice to meet you”, it shows no personality; that is what every other guys she has given her number to will send her. What I like to do is text them something interesting or funny that happened to me that day.

Ok, so you have got the girl’s number and she has got your initial text. The next step is to just be light and flirty. Just assume that she likes you even if she doesn’t. More often than not, this will work in your favor. Avoid using a lot of “lol’s” or “haha’s” and don’t over use emoticons. All three of these are OK to use sparingly as long as you’re not using them from a place of insecurity. Here’s a good rule to go by: if you’re using them more than she is, then you’re probably using them too much.

When I talk to a girl who I’m interested in, I tend to be very light, playful and very flirty. By the same token, when I text a girl I try to convey that same fun and sexual personality. If she’s responding well to the flirty texting banter, then find out when she’s free and go for the meet-up. If it’s still early in the day, go for the meet-up that night.

If she doesn’t respond that enthusiastically to your texts, just end it and say you have to go and that you’ll call her in a bit. Obviously, this process won’t work all the time; knowing what to text a girl you just met will be slightly different each time. If she doesn’t agree to meet up with you the first time, don’t just delete her number. She may genuinely be busy. Hit her up in a few days. If she still doesn’t respond, hit her up in a week. Sometimes a little persistence can go a long way but from this point on, just text her once in a while until it becomes pretty clear that it just won’t work out or she flat out tells you to move on.

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